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Lots more music

I’ve been having a great time making music with the result I haven’t had time to write about music as well!

At the beginning of August I went to Week 1 of the Sherborne Summer School which started with a choral workshop – no, I wasn’t singing, I was playing my bassoon. John Hew Davies was conducting the workshop and it was great to work with him again as he was the choral director for the first few years I went to Berwang. At the workshop we performed Weber’s Mass in G Op76 which we’ve never done in Berwang, but I think it could be a very good one for us, do listen to it if you get a chance.

As well as going to Sherborne I have played chamber music, flute and recorder duets and have even been seen accompanying a singer!

My main focus at the moment is the Berwang website so I’ll let you know how I get on. I got the site map done this morning, it’s amazing how long that took and it’s not over yet, I keep tinkering with it. Tomorrow I have to take my bassoon in for some minor repairs so it will probably be Friday before I have time to actually start rebuild the site itself.



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